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Activated Alumina

Model: HYAA280, HYAA280
Specification: 3-5mm, 4-6mm, and 5-8mm

With numerous tiny pores and large specific surface area, the activated alumina can function as the adsorbent, desiccant, or catalyst. It has a strong affinity with water, alkali, oxides, acetic acid, and other substances.

The HYAA280 type and HYAA300 type activated alumina respectively have the specific surface area of 280m2/g and 300m2/g. Compared with HYAA280, HYAA300 offers stronger adsorption capacity.

Product Classification
Type Uses
For fluoride removal, purification, and air desiccation 1. Used as the defluorinating agent for high-fluoride drinking water
2. Serving as the defluorinating agent of alkanes during the production of alkyl benzene
3. Acting as the deacidifying and regenerating agent of transformer oil
4. As the desiccant and purifying agent of industrial gases, the activated alumina is widely applied in the petrochemical, oxygen generation, textile, electronics, fertilizer, and other industries.
For hydrogen peroxide Our drying agent shows strong degradation and regeneration capacity for anthraquinone derivatives. It is a dedicated adsorbent for producing hydrogen peroxide in use of anthraquinone method.
For catalyst carrier With high stability, this porous aluminum oxide is suitable for functioning as a catalyst carrier.
For sulfur recovery Our product serves as a catalyst when used in the Claus sulfur recovery unit. It is broadly applied in the chemical plants, natural gas desulfurization plants, petrochemical plants, city gasworks, as well as the oil refineries with hydrogen sulfide gases, and other industries.

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